Thursday, April 14, 2011

When did my hands become OLD…?

Sitting here trying to think about what I want to write about…. Looking down @ the keyboard and all I can think is “wow… my hands look OLD?

When did my hands become OLD…?

I definitely would not be able to be on one of those commercials where they put a ridiculously young looking mother & her daughter and you have figure out which is which but can’t because she uses a certain dish washing liquid.

Now that I am in my (gasp) 50’s things have begun to shift and sag a bit more than before… more and more often when I look in the mirror I get a brief glimpse of someone who looks like my grandmother.  

And when exactly did my freckles join forces and become the beginnings of age spots???  WTF???


I was looking @ the new Oprah magazine last night and they had an article about things you can do as you get older to look younger… they did a side by side photo layout and evidently retouched one of the photos to show what the models face would look like dependent upon what she did… from creams, to acid peels to face lifts… it was kind of eerie- and expensive to boot…

Normally in the summertime I spend a good portion of my time out in our yard by our pool… but for the first time I am rethinking how much sun exposure I really want to get this summer… Don’t get me wrong- I love being tan (well as tan as a redhead can get) but then come winter you see it more and more on my face…

My oldest “the engaged one” gets jealous b/c now that I am older I actually do tan better- but I just attribute it to having “old skin”.    

I moisturize, exfoliate etc… but I think I am finally @ the point of no return… 

I have been pretty careful about sun exposure the past 25 yrs, so  I don’t think I ACTUALLY look my age right now, but pretty soon I WILL

It sucks that wrinkles and a little gray look good on men. Personally I think hubby looks hotter than ever… but me? 

Not so much ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

my guy is now a GUY

So QB1 just told me this afternoon who his date for the prom will be… after my questions and cajoling. I mean why is this such a big secret??? 

Sometimes I REALLY don’t understand boys… about two weeks ago he was supposed to go with a young lady from our high school. Then they decided since they didn’t really know each other’s circle of friends… it would be awkward and to make it null & void- no hard feelings etc.

Then he was going to go with a good friend who just broke up with her longtime boyfriend, but… she will be participating in the district track meet and doesn’t know if she will even be able to go to prom.

So today he tells me he is taking a young lady from the local catholic high school who he has met on several occasions, and is a “friend of a friend”.

Unfortunately QB1’s sole stipulation for his prom date was that she be “good looking for pictures”.

His mother is “oh so proud” *sigh*

I get that his life is busy and that he really doesn’t have the time to maintain a relationship. I’m actually kind of glad he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now; he is more focused when he is single. 
But at the same time my cute loving little guy…..(he's on the right- beside cheergirlie)

Is becoming  such a GUY. *sigh*  :)