Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding day

She did it! My oldest is a married lady....
The day was wonderful- it went off with no problems- everyone had a wonderful time!
I had a mini meltdown the morning of the wedding because in looking for a pair of earrings I happened upon a baby dress that jenny wore as a newborn, but God must've had a hand in this because we pressed the dress and incorporated it into the wedding pics.
I cried- it was an emotional day, but my baby looked so beautiful and so HAPPY!
I don't have any pic's of me yet... but will post them as I get them!
See how happy she was for yourself...
Jenny & Mike

Cheergirlie(Stefanie) & Allie (my BF's daughter)

Father-daughter dance

Allie & Jenny

Jenny & Jennie(My BF's other daughter)

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  1. Breathtaking Duke Mom, simply beautiful. And yes, the bride looks so, so happy. :)
    I love the choice of the bridesmaid dresses too! You know me - pink, pink, pink - and they are such a cute cut too. :)

    Now, bring on the pics of YOU please. Please, please, please, please, please?