Saturday, February 5, 2011

My 5 things

Skippy over @ I Make Soap  tagged me to answer "5 Things You Couldn't Leave the House Without."

I got to thinking about it and in some ways  my first one is kind of a cheat- because #1 is my purse.
I say it's a cheat b/c within my purse is the following: my wallet, my checkbook, my make up bag,  change purse, pencils, pens, hand lotion, a flash drive, tissues, aspirin and assorted coupons.I used to have a JMU button in my purse, but took it out a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out my purse!

#2 is my cell phone- I don't remember what life was like before my cell phone...

#3 are my glasses- I have to take them these days because without them I can't read anything...

#4 are my sunglasses- I have a condition called Addy's pupil which is one of my pupils stays dilated so I HAVE to wear sunglasses outside

#5 would have to be my keys... on my keyring are house keys- car keys and work keys... all kinda important :)

Should they choose to answer the challenge- I am passing this along to:
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  1. Great List! I love your purse [I miss my purses. I love my purses. :)] And do tell what is the leopard print item in the background? And I don't think it is a cheat at all - that is an inclusive #1 :).

    I completely forgot I wear glasses [duh] when writing my list - I need them for distance, not reading - but I am so accustomed to having them on I forgot to put them on the list.

    Thanks for playing. This is fun!

  2. Your purse! That's a total cheat! :P

    I'll do the list on Monday!


  3. doing mine tomorrow. Great list and I have a feeling mine will be similar.

  4. Actually the leopard item is one of those fleece blankets that you make- I took the pic from my bed since I am in bed with the flu :(

  5. I LOVE your wallet with the matching change purse. That is just so cute. I'm looking for a new wallet since I made the mistake of buying a pretty pink wallet last wallet purchase. It's leather, but still it's really yucky with a couple of pen marks and other gunk on it. Pink shows everything.

    For me, I'd have to say, my lip gloss, my credit card, my sunglasses because like you I have eye issues that require it, my iPad, (unplugged? Never!) and my phone.