Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The joys of flying... NOT

We flew to Atlanta last weekend to see family. Before we even got on the plane we experienced something like this pic. A family was getting ready to board the plane when all of a sudden a husband and wife and their two little boys moved to get their boarding passes. The younger child (about two) was in some snuggly thing strapped onto his mother and the other one (about 4 years old) was screaming and making his body limp while his dad dragged him towards the gate. As they got closer they  to the gate the 4 y/o began screaming in gusto and trying to hit his dad. Needless to say the people waiting (mainly business people) all looked at each other with fear that they would be sitting near this happy little family.

Now I understand that all kids at one time or another behave like this, however by the time we were all trapped in the plane- both kids decided to scream and try and climb over the seats and bother everyone around them for the ENTIRE flight. We were 3 rows behind them so we had a birds eye view of what was going on. My problem with this whole scenario is that the parents did NOTHING to reprimand or even try to control their kids. During the flight they were observed to be passed back and forth between parents. The kids tried to climb over the tops of the seats in front of them to see what the passengers were doing. Then the 4 y/o kept trying to push the air/light buttons as well as grab the book the woman behind him was trying to read. ::This is Parental FAILURE::
WHAT was wrong with these idiots parents? I just do not understand...
At one point the stewardess (upon the request of another passenger) went and asked the parents to buckle the boys in (for safety reasons)- this lasted all of about 5 minutes. I can only imagine what these kids are going to be like 10 yrs. from now.

Unfortunately it made for a miserable hour and a half for everyone on the plane. So I propose that the airlines adopt the following... if a child simply cannot behave themselves during the flight they should be placed in an alternative area for the duration of the flight:

Works for me ;)

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  1. OMG, that last photo is hilarious! So funny! I have a theory about flying and it's this: The first weirdo that you see upon entering the airport is the person who will not only be on your flight, but will be sitting next to you or near you.