Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been really busy with work etc. lately - and now that my guys are home I actually have to MAKE dinner every night...  

and now it is looking like the weather is not going to cooperate to do yard work this weekend...

I have found the past few years that yard work that used to take a couple of weekends now takes like a month and a half to get done. I hate all the prep crap you have to do in the spring, but realize it is a necessary evil...

I AM psyched that we are opening our pool next month.. it looks so ugly all covered up... that is the REAL sign of spring as far as I am concerned!

Now if Mother Nature will just warm things up a bit!!!

Ty decided to move out and move in with his aunt & uncle. (I think this is a front, and I think he is living with his mom again and just telling the school district that he is living @ his aunts)

He is 18 now so we are no longer his guardians... he can sign himself out of school and quit should he choose to...

I still worry about him... I see his grades in the toilet, and since they have been home he has been "sick" about 5-7 days in the past month.

We tried, but I am afraid it was simply too late when we got him. He doesn't really care about school or his grades etc. It is a way of thinking that I simply don't understand. This makes me sad- but again... we have no say.

So I will pray that he makes good choices and hope that he doesn't throw his life away by quitting school.


  1. [I swear I thought I commented. If this is somehow a repeat forgive me.]

    I honestly think you both did the absolute best you could and I know this is heartbreaking in so many ways - but please know that he will take with him the love and the lessons you provided him.

    It may not be evident right now, but the memories are there and he will remember.

    Take care my friend. If you need to chat - you know where to find me. Hugs and love.

  2. Its hard to see kids making wrong choices, but they will grow from them and all we can do is be there to support, love and pick them up sometimes.


  3. Teenagers are a bugger. All you can do is squint your eyes, hold your breath and pray that they live through the stupid things they do. Fortunately, they often do, and even some of the biggest mistakes aren't the end of the world. He'll have years to make up for the bad decisions he made. I'm sure he'll one day look back and admire you for the good advice and support you gave him. That's really all you can do. Good luck.

  4. [I have Skippy Mom's problem: I thought I'd commented...] Anyway, just want to give you some moral support. Like the others said, you've done your best and it is up to him now.