Monday, July 16, 2012

totally out of normal for me & kind of freaky

Lately a funny thing has been happening...

I mean this is so totally not me that it is kind of surreal...

In the past when I have been frustrated/ upset etc... I would either:
1. Eat- (something preferably either chocolate, breads, or cookie/cake etc....)
2. Clean- yeah I know - weird, but at least it was productive!

Lately with the "new" way of eating etc... the eating has not been as much fun- I mean if I eat what I'd REALLY want- I'd blow my calories for the day. So that has not been an option....

Cleaning?- Just not really feeling that lately- plus it isn't too bad around the house with me off for the summer.

So my replacement activity?
I have been jogging more. I have graduated from a pathetic shuffle to an actual jog!

Now I'm  not going to win any races or marathons by a long shot, but it HAS gotten easier.

Plus I don't hate it as much as I used to- I usually have worked out some of my problems in my head or at least asked God for guidance by the time I am done- which is usually about a half hour later.

I am starting to understand why people like to run- *waiting for the walls to begin shaking*

Hubby and I are actually considering buying an elliptical machine so we can use it once the weather turns bad this fall/winter! 

I think my own mortality in the form of my upcoming birthday is helping to fuel my metamorphsis.

I just hope I continue in this frame of mind because it is good for me!


  1. I am so excited for you. Isn't it awesome? I was so happy to be able to move once again I walked and walked and walked. I have lost the coordination to run anymore [it is really kind of funny. I called myself "Forrest" as in Gump one day and Pooldad spit his Cheerios across the table he thought it was so appropriate. giggle] Anyhoodle - I walk so much that I have come to losing my husband in the stores. He teases me that he is going to have to hold on to me tighter. I REALLY like biking [go figure - I can't run, but I can balance a bike.] And when the weather is bad I pop over to our gym. It is $4 a year for the family - it adjoins our neighborhood pool - and it is great when the weather is sucky.

    I learned last week that my baking may start causing me a little trouble. heehee - some of the stuff is really high in sodium, so I have to watch my eating too - maybe one day we can both start out walking and meet up somewhere in MD? What IS the halfway point between you and me I wonder.

    I am very proud of you - as I know you family is too. And I bet your husband is practicing his running so he can catch you. ::wink::

  2. Jogging more? What? I don't understand... ;-)

    Good for you! You should be very proud of yourself.

  3. Good for you! I need to do something like that more. With softball season coming to an end soon, I need to start figuring out exercise things.