Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Proud mom!

Tonite JMU beat LIU in the first game of the NCAA tournament!
My daughter cheer girlie was there cheering on the Dukes!
And tonite she got on TV!!!!!


  1. OMGOMG!!! We just finished watching it [we had it taped] and I couldn't wait to email you and tell you I saw her!! YAY!

    And so cool they won! Now it's on to Indiana. Think there's hope? Stranger things have happened. We will be down JMU way this weekend, so hopefully we can catch the game a local restaurant or something. Tell her we said "GREAT JOB!"

  2. How fun to see your daughter on TV! She must be having a blast!

  3. She looks just like her mom! Congratulations to both of you :-)