Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a pregnant pause

I just watched a video of a Fox news story about a woman in the UK who got in vitro and is pregnant at age 59- she will be 60 when she gives birth.

Is this woman out of her f***ing mind?

Don't give me that bullshit about how she's always wanted to be a mom.... she couldn't have felt that way sooner? What about adoption? This woman has a two year old daughter from an in vitro procedure done when she was 57. She states that she wants a sibling for her daughter. Just because she can do this... should she? 

Personally I believe it is unbelievably irresponsible and selfish for this woman to do this at age 60.

Even if she is in "great health" as she says, is she going to be around by the time her kid(s) graduate high school? This woman comments "Perhaps 65 is too old, but I'm still so healthy I don't see why I shouldn't be treated." The only bright spot in this whole situation is that her boyfriend is 11 years younger than her. I hope for the kids sake that he is in good health.

And what about the doctors who are doing this? Everyone ranted about the Octomom and the irresponsibility of the medical community - how is this any different? At what point are these doctors going to be held responsible? Will they be around for the next 18 -20 years to support these children should one or both of these parents die?

Finally what about the children of these geriatric moms... it seems there are many of them in the UK- it's hard enough losing your mom when you are an adult- what kind of psychological implications are there for these kids in the future? One mommy to be who is going to turn 67 after her child is born states "I don't have to defend what I've done."It's between me, my baby and no-one else."

Seems these women talk about their rights- what about the rights of these children?

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  1. I am still in the realm of child birthing years [I am 43] and the possibility of getting pregnant at this stage scares me - not because of the Lupus or my age but because my husband [Pooldad] is 53. C'mon. Does a kid really want a 70 year old at his HS graduation? It would be completely irresponsible, even tho' I CAN do it. [the horror!]

    I think these doctors ought to be sanctioned. It is ridiculous.

    BTW - love the new background. Very pretty.