Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenny

I received the following email from my daughter Jenny who is turning 22 tomorrow:
(BTW I think I was 12 when I had her) *cough* *wink*

*note no salutation*

1. you need to write on your blog like daily- when I get bored during the day I go on there to read stuff and there is nothing new. get with it! oh.... you can write something about me since it's my birthday soon....:]you know how i am your favorite child, how pretty I am etc. etc. etc. etc. :]
2. when are we going to GA I need dates ASAP so I can def get the days off.
3. Can you please transfer $300 to dad and label it half of taxes
4. Can you pay my insurance please
**but can you transfer the money after 9:15 AM I am depositing money after personal training**
thank youuu!
Your Favorite child.

Jenny was born 22 years ago on April 28th- this time 22 years ago I was in the hospital and they had me on a pitocin drip. They had decided to induce because my blood pressure kept getting higher and higher- I had preeclampsia and was very swollen- pretty miserable by the 38th week. I also had gestational diabetes which did not help. So began my 19 hr. labor. At the end I pushed for 3 hrs. but just couldn't get her out and they opted for an emergency C section. Out popped an 8lb. redhead :)  I remember after she was born and I had been given pain meds my husband (looking pretty worn out) looking at me and saying "that's it, we are never having any more kids. I cannot watch you go through that kind of pain ever again". I remember laughing at him through my drug induced haze. :)

Recovery was difficult, I developed an infection in my incision site and it was weeks before I felt better- added to that, Jenny had colic... I tried breastfeeding her, but after 8 weeks (of hell) my doctor told me to supplement, once she had the bottle she didn't want me anymore.

Jenny has always been referred to as my mini me, we look a lot alike and our temperaments are fairly close as well- watch out for that red headed temper! She was a good girl, became a good big sister (after asking if we could take her sister back after she was born)  and has been a pleasure most of the time -sometimes we butted heads...but we always worked those bumps in the road out.

Jenny grew up, was a cheerleader in high school - then went off to college and cheered there as well, but mid way through her sophomore year she came home upset. She just didn't like college. She loved the social aspect, but hated going to class. So she made the very mature decision to drop out after finishing out the semester and started beauty school that Jan. She said she didn't feel it was right to waste our money if her heart wasn't in it. Pretty mature for a 19 year old. :) She went through beauty school and finished with honors. She got her license Dec. a year ago and is now happily working at a local upscale salon. And you know what? She loves what she is doing & is an awesome hair stylist! She excels in hair coloring and has really found her niche!
Through the years we have watched Jenny grow up and mature into the beautiful young woman that she is today. She and I are very close- we are roomies while her sister is away @ college and her brother & father are living apart from us. We work well together @ home and take turns taking care of "the girls" (our 2 yellow labs) and she will often do thoughtful things like yesterday when she did all of the wash. :)

We enjoy Margarita Wednesdays(unfortunately curtailed due to our diets) and are able to go out to dinner together usually once a week. I honestly don't know what I would do without her during this "alternate" living arrangement we are living with.

So Jenny, here is your Happy Birthday post...I promise I will try to be more on top of the blog- I've kind of been busy with work... but I will strive to do better to help when you are "bored" ;)

You paved the way for your brother and sister and have brought such joy to our lives...Daddy and I are very proud of you!

I love you Jenny <3



  1. she is beautiful!!! hope she has a great birthday!

  2. Has she ever considered adding model to her repartoire? Those last two pics blew me away! Just gorgeous and seems to be very special :)

    Happy Birthday Jenn - have a blast :) Hugs

  3. unfortunately she is all of 5'1 :) so I think modeling is out!

  4. wow, wow, WOWWW! I really loved hearing all about Jenny. You have a lot to be proud of there, Barb. I think on our child's birthday, besides celebrating their life, we moms also tend to relive their birth. How could we not? Its such a huge thing, giving birth. We have to be so brave. Thank you SO much for sharing this wonderful story, I would love to hear about your other kids too. (Sorry Jen! I know youre the favorite ;-)

  5. What a great girl! She does look like you.

  6. Happy birthday, Jenny! I know lots of kids who would be mortified if their parents wrote about them on the internet...good or bad. Mine, like Jenny, love it when I talk about them.

    Congrats to you, Mom. Sounds like you've done a great job!