Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mommy's day

Happy mother's day to all of the mom's out there. Unfortunately for my younger daughter, today was also her 18th birthday... talk about stealing someone's thunder. The first time both days coincided was on her first birthday. Then again on her 7th birthday, and now her 18th..... she hates it! Not so much this year, but when she was 7- yikes!

This year my husband made me (us) a delicious dinner- it was really awesome.... all the more appreciated because I know it has been a difficult day for him. He is missing his parents, his mom passed away 2 years ago, his dad 11 years ago. Then we just found out that one of Stefanie's friends father passed away yesterday- very suddenly of a massive heart attack. It got me to thinking about how I often take my own mom for granted. I mean she's always going to be there for me right? Wrong... my mom turns 70 this summer, and while I'd like to think she will always be there for me, the reality is that soon she will not. Soon is a relative term... anywhere from one to fifteen-to- twenty years is soon....

My mom is actually lucky enough to be leaving on a two week vacation to England with her sister this evening. It will be a long two weeks without being able to pick up the phone and call her, but I'll get through it because I know she'll only be gone two weeks. My hubby does not have that luxury any more. I am trying to be very aware of that and give him extra TLC.

I didn't mean for this blog to get so depressing, but I believe we need to cherish our moms no matter how old we are, because the alternative is too sad to even think about :(

So if you haven't thanked, kissed, hugged your mom today, I urge you to do so... even if you're late... just do it A.S.A.P. You never now if it will be the last time you'll be able to.

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