Friday, May 22, 2009

summer VAY- KAY

I can hardly wait for summer.... I teach so I am counting the days down...14 days... Now in regular time that is just under 2 weeks... but in school time this is probably going to be a VERY LONG two weeks/14 days. The kids have mentally checked out- and with the weather becoming nicer it is hard to keep them focused.

Who am I kidding? It's hard for ME to stay focused! Plus there is so much to do at the end of the school year!

I have begun to make my annual "Summer Work Out & Get Back into Shape" plan. The plan while well thought out and effective (when followed) generally does not see results. Which leads me to ponder why? I am a fairly intelligent person, I understand that to lose weight I need to:

1. Eat better- (meaning stay away from ice cream/cookies/bread etc...)OMG- does that mean I have to curtail what I drink... as in wine, etc?????

2. Exercise- (actually walk/swim/lift weights/do cardio etc.)

The whole plan only has 2 steps to it....easy right? so why is this a problem?

The answer is that while in theory #2 is easy-

I hate to exercise.

I have had periods in my life when I have lost weight and have exercised but I'm sorry to say for me... the whole "follow it for 6 wks and it becomes a habit", or "once you do it you feel better" (thereby tricking yourself into liking exercise) is just not happening.


I keep reading that once your over 40 it is even more important to focus on weight lifting.... so does hefting a heavy purse while shopping count????

Probably not....

It is really even more important than before for me to get on the band wagon because I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes..... I knew it would probably happen at some point...I mean you don't have gestational diabetes with all 3 kids and pop them out @ 8lbs. (2 wks early), 9 lbs 15 oz., and 9 lbs 3 oz on their due dates and not have a clue....

So unfortunately now I ACTUALLY HAVE to do something about it.... I have to do what I tell my kids... and "have to suck it up" ....and exercise. SHIT!

On the upside... I just found out that drinking Bloody Mary's is better than wine.... V8, is like having a vegetable right???

I knew if I really tried I could find a silver lining somewhere!

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